lane cooper

Fragments of experience come together within us to generate meaning. Sometimes the way we put these fragments together transcends becoming profound. I am deeply interested in the relationship between external material, physical realities and internal, metaphysical visions. I am interested as well in how experience and meaning are continually slipping, how a true and finite – complete - understanding of “something” is always and forever just out of reach. What I seek is to communicate a sense of the perpetually shifting horizon line that is reality - a horizon line which marks truly and forever the unreachable edge of infinity.

Some things I think about:
Matrixing - in popular culture the process of ascribing meaning to random patterns, e.g.: seeing a face in a photographed reflection, hearing a voice and words in electronic "noise."

Dithering – the process of filling in the gaps of incomplete information in order to extrapolate and project a meaningful image, sequence or cohesive sound

SNR (Signal-to-Noise) - comparative ratio of desired signal to background noise.

Metaphysical – an umbrella arching over the physical; extremely abstract or theoretical; without material form or substance; originating not in the physical world but somewhere outside it.

Language - the foundation of text and the material of the mind: frames, calls into being, allows conception, provides meaning. It originates not in the physical world.