lane cooper

Lane Cooper is represented by Paula Baldoni - River House Arts

Paula Baldoni email

My work is developed from photographic sources. Acting as metaphor, it focuses on an experience of the world in which reality is like a dream that evades grasp, refusing to solidify or become fixed - a vision or a fevered dream or perhaps an apparition, something that sits just on the edge of consciousness.

I work in series from sets of related materials. Included in these materials are historic photographs, films, literature and philosophy. From these sources I produce paintings, videos, drawings, installations and performances, with painting providing the focus and filter of my practice. Much of my work features a “strong female lead.” The paintings are built up in layers and are evocative of disrupted digital images, sitting between depiction and abstraction.

The experience shifts depending on proximity.

As one comes closer to the surface, there is a high degree of tactility and the substance of the paint become more evident while the image falls away.

Some things I think about:
Matrixing - in popular culture the process of ascribing meaning to random patterns, e.g.: seeing a face in a photographed reflection, hearing a voice and words in electronic "noise."

Dithering – the process of filling in the gaps of incomplete information in order to extrapolate and project a meaningful image, sequence or cohesive sound

SNR (Signal-to-Noise) - comparative ratio of desired signal to background noise.

Metaphysical – an umbrella arching over the physical; extremely abstract or theoretical; without material form or substance; originating not in the physical world but somewhere outside it.

Language - the foundation of text and the material of the mind: frames, calls into being, allows conception, provides meaning. It originates not in the physical world.