• Friday, December 11, 2015 - Saturday, February 6, 2016

    Works on Paper
    2731 Prospect Art Gallery

    Opening Reception
    *Friday, December 11, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

    Paper is one of the oldest materials used for communication and creativity with each generation of artists continuing to reinvent new methods and strategies for the use of paper. This group exhibition focuses on the unique attributes of paper investigated within a variety of approaches that ranges from re-envisioning traditional techniques to experimental and hybrid processes.

    Christi Birchfield
    Jerry Birchfield
    Timothy Callaghan
    Lane Cooper
    Bruce Edwards
    Elizabeth Emery
    Prajakti Jayavant
    Andrea Joki
    Jason K. Milburn
    Darius Steward

    Find out more -

    Gallery Page for Works on Paper


  • Friday, November 14, 2014

    The Insistent Now
    28795 Lake Rd.
    Bay Village, OH 44140

    Opening Reception: November 14 from 7-9 pm
    In the Sullivan Family Gallery

    Curated by Michael Abarca of Forum Artspace.

    The Insistent Now is an exhibition of Cleveland area artists whose selected works command attention to the here and now. Whether it's through interpreting elusive experiences, creating spacial interventions or constructing idealized perennial landscapes, these artists explore, adddress and confront the demands of the ever-expanding present.

    Featuring work by Lane Cooper, Andy Curlowe, Sarah Kabot, Liz Maugans, Michael T. Meier, Dante Rodriguez, Royden Watson and Nikki Woods.

    You can see the show from: November 14 - December 24

    BAYarts website


  • Friday, November 14, 2014

    My work will be included in -

    The Winter Art Invitational

    Friday, November 14, 2014
    5 pm to 9 pm

    at the
    Florence O'Donnell Wasmer Gallery
    Anna Arnold, Director
    2550 Lander Rd
    Pepper Pike, OH 44124

    Wasmer Gallery Website


  • September 5 - September 28, 2014

    De Materia - exhibition
    at Waterloo Arts
    Curated by Lane Cooper

    De Materia Artists' Panel Discussion - Sunday, September 21, 3:30 pm in the gallery.

    Featuring Artists:
    Sarah Kabot
    Barry Underwood
    Katy Richards
    Nikki Woods
    Paul O’keeffe
    Charles Tucker
    Gianna Commito
    Bruce Checefsky

    Curator's Statement:
    Ubiquitous imagery, sound bites, verbiage on all subjects and every sort of entertainment are only a click away. Our vision is filtered through the screen. Contemporary technologies: smart phones, flat screens, tablets offering brief moments of instant gratification, consumed like candy and almost instantly forgotten, streaming directly to us. Consequently the art of our time cannot exist outside of the ever-present framework of the “digital age.” Art and artists and the way we see and understand the physical world have been particularly impacted by the deluge of empty “experiences” proffered by the Internet, so that now every work of art is necessarily juxtaposed to an insubstantial, “virtual” realm.

    The name of the exhibition, “De Materia” is Latin and means “the material” and is meant to reference Alberti’s seminal work on painting “de pictura.” This show, through the works it incorporates, focuses on the substance of art, the real material of its creation, an unnamable something that marries together the external and internal experience of the viewer. Art, when it achieves its greatest resonance, is anything other than the thin and instant, readily consumable experiences that dominate much of our popular culture. Art, at its best, grounds the viewer in a more expansive experience that is “more than” the ordinary and is anything but instant.

    The works in this show engage haptically, perceptually, and mindfully. They evoke physical experience; they question the nature of reality; they offer extraordinary, miraculous moments; and they seduce us to the sensual … taken together they provide a treatise on the nature of a kind of art that does not pander to the momentary, but offers something more, something of substance.


  • September 13, 2014

    Yesterday I participated in -

    On and Off the Wall: The Visual Arts in Cleveland Since 2000

    9 am to 12:45 pm at the Downtown Cleveland Public Library -

    ARTneo website

    This was an intensive public dialogue organized by ARTneo and provided an overview of development's in Cleveland's art community since the year 2000. There were a series of three panels, I was on the final panel of the day ...

    11:40-12:30p SESSION 3: Issues Facing Local Artists, Collectors and Art Lovers Today
    Moderator: Dan Moulthrop (The City Club of Cleveland); Panelists: Lane Cooper (CIA), Michael Gill (CAN Journal), Jill Snyder (MOCA Cleveland) and Christina Vassallo (SPACES)


  • January 16 - March 1, 2014

    Hephaestos Challenged
    The Galleries at CSU

    Contemporary Sculpture exhibition of works by university sculpture professors in the region with Lisa Austin of Edinboro University of PA, Carmel Buckley of Ohio State University, Kate Budd of The University of Akron, Lane Cooper of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Alison Crocetta of Ohio State University, Isabel Farnsworth of Kent State University, and Irina Koukhanova of Cleveland State University; curated by Robert Thurmer

    1307 Euclid Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

    Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment
    Wednesdays and Thursdays: 10 am to 5 pm
    Fridays: 10 am to 8 pm
    Saturdays: Noon to 8 pm

    Common Sense: Taking the Stage #1 - January 18, 2014
    2 pm to 5 pm

    Common Sense: Taking the Stage #2 - February 8, 2014
    2 pm to 5 pm

    Lisa Austin and I have contributed the collaborative installation Common Sense to this exhibition. As part of the installation we will be running political open mic events on January 18 and February 8. Come down and take the stage.


  • November 22, 2013

    Forage Press

    Last spring I was invited to contribute pieces to the online journal Forage Press

    Forage Press is dedicated to examining and promoting the creative relationship between art and music, toward that end they invite artists to select pieces of music and make work in response.

    You can find my article and my pieces here - Untethered.

    Please be sure and check out some of their other offerings as well.
    Forage Press


  • August 29 - October 12, 2013

    2013 Cleveland Institute of Art Faculty Exhibition

    Reinberger Galleries - George Gund Building
    11141 East Blvd
    Cleveland, Ohio 44106

    CIA Website - Faculty Exhibition

    Bruce Checefsky

    Hours: Mon. - Fri. 10 am to 5 pm

    This year's show is particularly strong. Among the amazing works on view are exceptional pieces by my colleagues: Sarah Kabot, Barry Underwood, Petra Soesemann and Nancy McEntee (and of course the Painting Faculty). Also don't forget the applied side with examples from Amanda Almon, Matthew Hollern, Judith Solomon and of course the whole Design Faculty including Dan Cuffaro.

    The exhibition is beautifully configured and the work is outstanding.


  • September 19 - December 20, 2013

    Made in Mourning: Contemporary Memorial and Reliquary
    The Sculpture Center - Cleveland
    Curated by: Nicholas Fenell

    Opening September 19, 5 pm

    Including the works of:
    Lisa Austin, Lane Cooper, Martinez EB, Alicia Eggert, Adam Frelin, Edward Heavrin, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Christine Hinz Lenzen, Carol Hummel and Guillermo Trejo

    Made in Mourning brings death into light with its artwork installed in the two galleries of The Sculpture Center and within the grounds of the historic East Cleveland Township Cemetery. Meaningful mourning and the removal of the taboos of death can be integral to a happy and fulfilling life.

    The Sculpture Center - 2013 Fall Exhibitions


  • June 12, 2013


    I've had the opportunity over the past year to contribute to the online magazine Arthopper

    Here's my latest entry for them, a review of "Hold the Wall", a painting show at CSU.

    The Pleasure of Seeing


  • June 4 - August 8, 2013

    Visiting Artist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

    I'll be spending the summer at UAB and working in their studios! I'll also be teaching a figure drawing class and catching up with the local scene. I've met the students and they're amazing so the summer looks to be productive and fun.

    Check back to see what I produce while I'm here.


  • Jan. 10 - Feb. 10, 2013

    Critical Voices
    Presents recent works by Lane Cooper
    For further information:



  • Now through December 15, 2012

    My show -
    What Persists: Lillian, The Black Artists Oral History Project and Steve Rossi's show have been extended. These shows will now be up through

    December 15, 2012
    @ Gallery Aferro

    This will also be the date for Aferro's annual party/fundraiser/potluck/open house ...

    So save the date! come have fun and party with the folks @

    Gallery Aferro, 73 Market Street, Newark, NJ


  • Through October 28, 2012

    Opening Friday, October 5 - 7 to 10 pm
    What Persists: Lillian
    Gallery Aferro - Liminal Space (2nd Floor)
    73 Market Street
    Newark, NJ 07102

    www.aferro.org/websitebaker/wb/pages/ex… Gallery Aferro Exhibitions|

    Be sure to check out my show and the other shows at Gallery Aferro. Support them! they are amazing!!!


  • Through June 16, 2012

    lane cooper - Ghost Stories
    William Busta Gallery

    2731 Prospect Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44115

    * My show will be on view until June 16! Come by and check it out.


  • April 27, 2012

    I'm very excited to announce ...

    Exhibition Opening
    William Busta Gallery
    2731 Prospect Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44115

    Friday, April 27

    William Busta Gallery


  • Sept. 6 - Sept. 29, 2011

    Worry About It Tomorrow
    recent works by lane cooper
    Artist's Talk and Opening reception Thursday, Sept. 8, 5:30 - 7:00

    Link Gallery
    Kent State University at Trumbull

    Link Gallery


  • June 20 - July 15, 2011

    Aferro Studios

    While in New York, I'm also spending time in the Aferro Studios, making work and getting to know some of the current residents there. A great group ...

    Check out the work of Ken Weathersby ... (current Aferro Resident):

    Ken Weathersby's website

    This summer I also participated in "Art Reaction", Gallery Aferro's 5th Anniversary and 3rd Annual Benefit. Saturday, June 18, 2011.


  • November 20, 2010

    Participated in
    Artists' Talks at Gallery Aferro


  • August 2010 -

    Residency at Gallery Aferro

    This fall I will be on leave from the Cleveland Institute of Art and in residency at Gallery Aferro in Newark, New Jersey. While in the residency I will be living in New York.

    Gallery Aferro

    Gallery Aferro Blog

    “What Persists” – a project dealing with memory and loss, place and site … the difference between the thing and itself.

    Memory itself is an act of re-imagining. Through this process a concrete experience of place becomes mutable, shifting, insubstantial, a ghost of itself. The re-presenting of this experience is at once analogous to this process of memory, losing and reconfiguring information, and a means of projecting the insubstantial into an other where it will again be re-member, re-imagined, a thing unto itself, existing wholly within the interior. To be sent out from this interior again calls for a translation, and yet another generation of re-imagining … this is the nature of loss and transformation.

    Practicals: I will document my experience of the residency via video. I will use the video as a source for a body of work. The parts of this body, when viewed in proximity to one another, will demonstrate what of the experience, if anything, transcends translation; what is lost; and what persists.

    In this process loss is manifested in transliteration via media: the same source information re-inscribed via a variety of media including text, video, digital print and painting. The resulting body of work is a map formed by the overlay of the literary, the material and the cognitive.

    The body of work will include:


  • April 20, 2010

    Building Peers
    Cleveland Institute of Art - Reinberger Gallery
    Gund Building
    11141 East Blvd.

    Open to the public starting April 20
    Reception - April 23

    April 20 to May 15

    An exhibit of Visual Art and Technologies faculty, and alums demonstrating the commitment and passion of choosing a creative life.

    [http://www.cia.edu|Cleveland Institute of Art Website]


  • January 14 - February 4, 2010

    The Book as Vessel: An overview of Contemporary Book Arts
    The University of North Florida Gallery of Art
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Raymond Gaddy, Gallery Director

    A collection of contemporary book arts featuring the work of: Carol Barton, Sarah Marshall, Lane Cooper*, Werner Pfeiffer, Edwin Jager, Bridget Elmer, Jessica White, Matthew Liddle, Sarah Bryant, Shanna Leino, Shawn Sheehy, John Smith, Todd Sanders, Anna Embree, and Roberta Lavadour.

    *work included:
    no longer
    capable of flight


  • June 21, 2009 --

    Wrapping up at the Banff Centre

    The residency has been remarkable, transformative. Having such a span of time with a kind of enforced removal from other concerns has been an incredible opportunity. In addition the environment at Banff, both physical and human, stimulates making and thinking about work in unexpected ways.

    While here I’ve been working on a project titled “Notes on Derrida.” The project takes as its source/inspiration the writings of Jacques Derrida and a number of his frequent themes including: Death; Survival; Gift; Ghost; and Trace. The books I’ve most referenced have been The Gift of Death; Specters of Marx; Learning to Live Finally; and The Truth in Painting. His writings have provided the poetic infrastructure for productions in video, painting, performance, writing and installation.

    Banff has made possible this depth of exploration and experimentation through its facilities and the support it offers. “The Other Gallery,” an exhibition space for the residents’ use, operates as a public lab to test out these explorations. In addition the studios provide private, facilitated space to work around the clock.

    My work while here included a performance and installation in “The Other Gallery,” titled “Notes on Derrida: Walk-ins Welcomed,” dealing with the subject of “reading text.” As part of the installation relevant quotes from Derrida were pinned to the wall while gallery interested gallery visitors received a personal “reading” in which they themselves were the text. As the reader I gave them my attention and my “read” on their futures. While visitors waited for a “reading” they had the opportunity to see a “ghost” in the form of a projected video. Also as part of the performance, guest expert/docent Amanda Almon lead gallery visitors on a guided reading of the work.

    For open studios I created an installation in my studio titled “Notes on Derrida: The Truth in Painting,” in which an ideal painting was conceived and test tiles generated which presented various parsed out components of this ideal. Integral to the installation were the other elements in the studio, including an arrangement of source texts.

    All in all it has been a remarkable experience. The artists I’ve met and the work I’ve seen being produced is invaluable. Further it was great being here at the same time as the Analogous Fields Residency. The work coming out of that program absolutely set the bar high.


  • Banff Residency This Spring...

    May 11 through June 19, 2009, Lane Cooper will be at Banff located in Alberta, Canada pursuing a self-directed residency through the Banff Centre. Her project, titled “Notes on Derrida”, will consist of video and written responses to Jacques Derrida’s writings including “The Gift of Death”, “Specters of Marx” and his last interview, “Learning to Live Finally”. The primary subject of Lane’s project is the trace.

    “It is the phenomenological and human effects of Banff’s environment that I will be recording. I will spend my time taking the opportunity to explore the Banff landscape. I am looking for mists, passing natural patterns, flickering light, the rustling of wind and the murmuring of passing conversations to collect and parse into epistletory fragments.”

    The Banff Centre