Other (Performances, Interventions, etc.) > Notes on Derrida: Walk-ins Welcomed (performance)

Performance demonstrating reading presented at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada, 7 June 2009.

Documentation by photographer Dave Kemp.

Gallery Visitors were presented with excerpts from Derrida touching on Survival, Death, Gift, Ghost, Trace and Prayer. Also available were Reader services including Fortune Reading; Confessional; and Discourse on topics including Survival, Death, Trace, Ghost, Gift and Derrida + Harry Potter. Participants could also have discourse with the reader on a topic of their choosing. While waiting to meet with the reader visitors could view the video "Ghost Dance."

Visiting Expert leading guided tour: Amanda Almon. Reader: lane cooper. Other Participants included: Anselm Hook; Penny Leong; Reva Stone; Daniel Anhorn.

"Notes on Derrida" is a series of works by lane cooper reading through Derrida. These include "The Truth in Painting," "Walk-ins Welcomed" and a series of six videos.